Looking for the job opportunity of your dreams? We’ve got you. Not only do we find the perfect match for you, we also hand-hold you throughout the whole relocation process so you have peace of mind and settle in your new job and community with ease!

ATTN: Nurses seeking to better their future with a career in the tranquil midwest.

You’re on the hunt for a new job.

But not just any job...

Your dream nursing job.

You chose a career with purpose because you want to feel fulfilled, help others and get paid well enough to enjoy your work life balance to the fullest.

You want to look forward to going to work every day, even after having a bad day. You want to take care of patients with realistic staffing, manageable shifts and access to resources and support.

You’re looking for a working environment that is open, welcoming and fosters camaraderie amongst other nurses and staff.

We understand your needs and wishes and know exactly how to match you with your dream nursing career in Indiana!

But that’s not all.

Finding your dream career is only half the job.

Relocating and moving to Indiana truly is a life change.

You’re opening a whole new exciting chapter, and taking your family with you.

This is why we support you through this transition and make sure that everything goes as smooth as butter.

We help you find the right home for your family, the perfect school for your kids, and even help your significant other find a new job if needed.

Our top priority is that you feel at home in your new community.

Let us show you that Indiana is your oyster!

We make sure you’re living your best life
in Indiana

From deciding to look for a new job, to accepting an offer and settling in your new home, we’re there for you every step along the way.

We explore your options together and make sure we’ve got the perfect fit that meets all your needs, including the lifestyle you’re looking for.

We’re here to ensure you and your family have access to everything you require to live your best life in Indy.


Lower Cost Of Living

Lower cost of living than the national average and homes are valued 33% below the typical U.S. single family home.

This allows you to live comfortably AND get more bang for your buck.

Take advantage of the state’s affordable housing and purchase the house of your dreams!

Avg. Tax Rate

Average state and local tax rate.

Indiana has the 14th lowest tax burden in the country which makes it heaven to work and live in. 

You get to have your cake

and eat it too!

Annual Growth

Annualized growth from 2018-2023 in the Healthcare sector, one of the top sectors contributing the most to
Indiana’s GDP.

Healthcare is a growing sector, offering lots of opportunities to healthcare professionals like you.


4 Seasons of the Midwest

What makes Indiana such an attractive state to live in is the fact that you get to enjoy the bountifulness of all 4 seasons – spring, summer, fall and winter!

Beautiful outdoor scenes and over 400 lakes

The scenery here is to die for! From caves to lakes and dense forests, there are so many beautiful places waiting to be explored by you and your family. Indiana is known for its tranquil lakes and farm lands.

Lively art and music scene

Indiana offers plenty of variety for music and art lovers! From enormous venues to smaller, intimate ones, there are events for any music fan. You’ll also be able to see your favorite artists as national concert tours always plan a stop in Indiana!

Centralized travel

Traveling throughout the United States from Indiana is remarkably convenient, thanks to its central location and well-connected transportation infrastructure. Whether by air or road, Indiana serves as a strategic hub, allowing residents easy access to various destinations. For instance, direct flights from major airports in Indianapolis can swiftly take travelers to iconic cities like New York City, Denver, and Orlando. Additionally, the state’s proximity to neighboring regions is advantageous for road trips, with reasonable driving times to cities such as Cincinnati and Chicago. This geographical advantage positions Indiana as a convenient starting point for exploring the diverse landscapes and cultural attractions across the country, making it an ideal base for both air and road travel enthusiasts.

Ready to find your dream nursing job in Indiana?