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We take the burden off your shoulders and find top healthcare professionals that meet your long-term needs. Finally hire the right talent in little time, without spending more.

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Introducing the sustainable staffing solution to hire
highly-qualified nurses and healthcare professionals without sacrificing your ROI!

Dear Director and VP of HR,

Are you exhausted and currently living an understaffed nightmare?

Is everything a priority that should have been done yesterday?

We know that the shortage of skilled healthcare labor is affecting the growth of your organization, your ROI and the quality of patient care. You’re looking for top talent but are only finding candidates who demand more that you can’t fulfill.

Understanding your priorities and needs, we know exactly how to fill your vacancies in the fastest time possible, without sacrificing quality and ROI.

Let us hand you the key to unlock your staffing solution!

offer rate

59% of presented candidates
received offers.

years experience

On average, the nurses we have sourced have over 10 years experience

Acceptance rate

On average, 85% of the nurses we source accept offers they receive

From Recruiting Nightmare To Matches Made In Hoosier Heaven

Finding the right healthcare talent to fulfill your long-term needs can be a nightmare. We understand that these positions are challenging to recruit for.

Right now you’re dealing with high staff turnover and can’t fill vacancies as quickly as required. That’s where we come in!

Due to our long-standing experience in healthcare, we’re here to help you find the perfect match that not only meets all your needs but also brings growth to your organization.

We Directly Place
Skilled Healthcare Talent Into Your Organization

Our speciality lies in sourcing talented, highly-skilled out-of-town and international healthcare professionals.

We vet all candidates to ensure we only provide you with the best talent.

We are your candidates’ rock, hand-holding them throughout the whole relocation process.

The personalized support that we offer guarantees that candidates settle in Indiana and truly feel at home in your organization as well as their new community.

Enjoy Reduced Turnover
And Increased Efficiency

You don’t want a short-term fix. You’re looking for sustainable solution to your staffing problems, to reduce turnover overall and increase efficiency and quality of patient care.

This is why we go the extra mile to ensure that your international candidates see a future in Indiana and within your organization.

While their American dream becomes a reality, your staffing nightmare turns into a dream, too.

Ready to fast-track finding the right talent?