Northeast Indiana Talent Attraction adds Medical Talent Recruiting and Sourcing to their services, and new Vice President of Operations & Business Development, Vice President of Talent Recruiting and Sourcing, and Director of Talent Recruiting and Sourcing for Latin America.

Fast Growing Talent Attraction Firm Expands Talent Recruiting Resources Services and Team

Karen McMahon | April 25, 2022

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (April 25, 2022) Northeast Indiana Talent Attraction, Inc. (NEITA) today announced the addition of Medical Talent Recruiting and Sourcing services to their already successful Concierge Relocation Services. With this growth, the team has expanded to include a Vice President of Operations & Business Development, Vice President of Talent Recruiting and Sourcing, and Director of Talent Recruiting and Sourcing for Latin America.

KRISTA PEAK has joined NEITA as Vice President of Operations and Business Development. As a native of Fort Wayne, IN, Krista has 30 years of healthcare experience as a bedside clinician and service line leader, including championing numerous state-wide strategic program expansions, including multi-million dollar building projects.  Krista has established deep roots within the non-profit community through her work as a director on many boards throughout Greater Fort Wayne. She has a passion for serving the community, through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion,  and recognizes the importance of employing innovative tactics to support continued economic growth throughout Northeast Indiana. “I am excited to partner with local companies to attract, relocate and retain top-talent to meet the needs of regional employers.”   

JENNY GARVER has joined NEITA as the new Vice President of Talent Recruiting and Sourcing. With over 30 years of recruitment experience, Jenny brings a vast background of healthcare expertise, in addition to recruiting and sourcing in Hospital, Niche and International settings.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Scheidegger University, UK along with numerous certifications in her field.  Garver added, “I’ve been fortunate to have lived in and been a part of the Fort Wayne community for the past 30 years.   I look forward to continuing to bring great talent to the NE Indiana region.  Jenny is an avid photographer and loves to travel nationally and internationally with her husband.  She also loves spending time with her family and enjoying time in the sunshine! 

MARIA CLARA PICARELLI [“CLARA”] has joined NEITA as the company’s new Director of Talent Recruiting and Sourcing, for Latin America. Clara will be based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Clara is from São Paulo – Brazil and had a successful 14-year career with the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly leading cross functional teams in Latin America. Her focus was mainly in Business/Strategy and Finance positions. Clara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), a Master’s degree in Business Consulting from the Faculdade Instituto de Administracão (FIA USP), both in São Paulo, Brazil, and a Master’s in International Business from the Université Pierre Mendés in Grenoble, France. Clara is a native speaker of Portuguese and is fluent in English and Spanish. In her spare time, she loves to travel to different countries with her husband to learn about different cultures, diverse experiences, and connect with people across the world.  

With the addition of the new Medical Talent Recruiting and Sourcing business and growth of the team, Karen McMahon has taken on the role of Vice President of Marketing and Candidate Experience. These changes draw on the strengths of each team member and allow for focus on sourcing top talent for clients, and welcoming and settling candidates based on their unique, individual needs in their new community. 

Lynn Reecer, Founder and CEO, added,“After finding that the NE Indiana medical industry is struggling to get the necessary quantity of candidates here to consider to fill their critical job vacancies, we decided it was time to bring the Recruiting “headhunter” service to our service offerings.  By recruiting these two seasoned, medical recruiting dynamos, and a talented Latin American-based recruiter to NEITA, we now have  tremendous  power right here in Greater Fort Wayne to source and attract medical talent from all over the globe, coupled  with our super successful concierge relocation service.”

About Northeast Indiana Talent Attraction, Inc.

Northeast Indiana Talent Attraction, Inc. (NEITA) is a team of local recruitment professionals, many of whom have relocated to Northeast Indiana. NEITA understands the often daunting stresses and considerations that candidates feel as part of the decision process, and thrives in helping candidates in this way.  They are well versed in the many aspects the region has to offer, particularly around lifestyle, culture, and specific family needs. By working with candidates throughout the entire recruiting experience, NEITA drives increased job acceptance and retention for employers in Northeast Indiana. As a result, this saves companies money and time and creates better lives for the relocating new hires. You can learn more about NEITA by visiting